Out in the open

Summer toys and games

Summer's around the corner, the evenings are lighter and it's warming up. It's time for some active fun, outside!

Guy Fairbank, Copy Producer,
Toys and Children's Games

Updated May 2015

Added bounce

There's nothing quite like the exhilaration of jumping up and down on a trampoline. For a second or two you're up in the air, with the breeze in your air and a great view of the neighbour's garden.

We sell trampolines for children up to 12 years-old and TP's SurroundSafe and Plum Product's 3G enclosure designs ensure children are well protected.

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Climb aboard

Climb up the ladder, clamber across the platform, slide down the fireman's pole or wavy slide – then do it all again! TP's activity centres are sturdily made and arrive as complete sets, with a choice of swings or slides, and are suitable for 3 year-olds and upwards.

For some fun role playing then look at our exclusive range of Step2 activity toys, which are all designed to blend in with your garden, or a colourful playhouse. They'll definitely keep children occupied for hours. In fact you might have trouble calling them in for tea...

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In the swing

Lean back as far as you can, legs stretched out; then lean forward, legs tucked under and you'll soon be swinging higher and higher! You can never grow out of a traditional swing and ours can delight children of all ages.

You can choose from Kettler's low maintenance metal swings or TP's more traditional wooden frames. Depending on their ages you can also attach a special seat for toddlers. And if you've a tree handy, then the Oak and Rope Company's oak swings will add a personal touch.

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Play the game

From traditional garden games like croquet, boules and skittles to bat and ball sets and the classic Swingball, we have a huge selection of games for children of all ages.

Older boys and girls will love Nerf's range of blasters and soakers. With battery-powered weaponry they and their mates are in for some serious drenching. Just make sure they don't gang up against dad!

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Budding gardener

Why not get them interested in gardening? Little Thoughtful Gardener's pretty range of accessories can get them interested in planting seeds and caring for the wildlife in your garden.

You could start them off planting some seeds or bulbs. Little Pals growing kits also have everything they need to get going. If you're really lucky they might help you with some tidying up with a Twigz garden tool, albeit for a bit of pocket money!

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Water babies

Cool off under the hot sun in a paddling pool. Intex's bright pools and fun slides will keep them splashing about for hours.

There are special ones for toddlers too, complete with a canopy to keep them well protected. If they need some help mastering swimming, our rings and armbands will help them gain confidence.

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