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John Brady

Head of Commercial, John Lewis Insurance

Look after your home entertainment system

With a sophisticated home cinema system, you can roll out the red carpet and pull out the popcorn at home. Why traipse to an overpriced cinema and spend an uncomfortable two hours in sticky seats, when you have a complete surround-sound cinema system in the luxury of your own home?

If your personal TV system brings Hollywood into your living room, you may want to consider the level of home insurance you have to cover it. As TVs become more complex and impressive, the equipment becomes a greater risk for theft or damage.

The most recent development in home cinema technology is televisions with 3D capacity. While we previously only donned 3D glasses in the darkness of a cinema, now you can enjoy 3D in your own home. You can choose between 3D Active (using liquid crystal, active shutter 3D glasses to give the impression of a full 3D image) or 3D Passive (using polarized glasses, which stimulate 3D images in each eye) to give your whole family a life-like television experience. However, when the 3D glasses start at around £100, and you then add the necessary sync transmitter and Blu-Ray player into the equation, you'll see how the value of your entertainment system increases quite significantly.

I'd recommend watching our home cinema video for some basic advice, or if you're feeling slightly overwhelmed by the choice of technology on offer take at a look at our buying guide for some jargon explained.

Home insurance

Your home cinema equipment, including the TV, DVD player, speakers, aerials and controls, will usually be covered under John Lewis Home Insurance. Most importantly, this includes cover for accidental damage, as well as protecting you against loss or theft.

There's nothing I love more than a home movie night with my family. but all it takes is one accidental cola spillage to bring the TV to a sticky end. Other potential damage might be a cracked screen or water damage from an accidentally damaged pipe, for example. While you might take care of your pride and joy, accidents unfortunately do happen, which is why insurance is so important.

If you're investing a significant amount in a TV system, you may therefore need to add additional home insurance to protect specific items against loss or damage. Another option is to consider John Lewis Specialist Home Insurance, which is tailored to homes with high-value contents.

Looking after your home entertainment system

Home insurance is perhaps the most important step you can take to protect your TV and home entertainment system. Once you've done that, there are other day to day actions which will keep your investment in good working condition:

Cleaning: clean your equipment regularly using a TV-specific spray and a soft cloth. Don't use any hard abrasives on the surface, as this could affect the image quality.

Safety: avoid leaving young children unattended with the TV equipment if you'd rather not retrieve a biscuit jammed into the DVD. Make sure all wires are safely hidden so that young children don't put themselves at risk

Food and drink: try to keep the area immediately adjacent to the TV equipment as a food and drink-free zone. Any liquids or foodstuff coming into contact with the TV could easily damage the electronic system.

Keep your paperwork: try to store all warranties, receipts and paperwork relating to your purchase together, as if you do have to make a claim, it will make the process more efficient.

If you'd like to find out more about John Lewis Home Insurance, please read our FAQ page to get many basic questions answered. You can also read our buying guide to find out which level of insurance is best suited to your home and TV equipment.

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