FOREO UFO Smart Mask Treatment Device

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FOREO UFO Smart Mask Treatment Device, Mint

FOREO UFO Smart Mask Treatment Device, Mint

Product description

Product code: 81541208

UFO's advanced smart mask is designed to turn your favourite 20-minute sheet mask treatment into a 90-second treat. It combines UFO-activated masks with FOREO’s Hyper-Infusion Technology (heating, cooling & T-Sonic pulsations) and LED light therapy for professional level treatment at home.

Heating (Thermo-Therapy) opens the pores, helping the skincare product absorption and enhancing penetration of skincare ingredients. It also aids skin health, increasing blood circulation and ushering along proteins and nutrients to take away waste. Cooling (Cryotherapy) causes blood vessels in the skin to constrict, making the appearance of pores smaller and skin less puffy. This helps lift and tone skin and seals the active ingredients and firms the skin. T-Sonic Pulsations help light reach deeper into pores for increased effectiveness, providing soothing facial massage and facilitating better absorption of skincare products.

RGB LED light therapy
Using pre-set programmes UFO’s RGB LED light therapy enables you to get a relaxing, effective, professional-level spa treatment in the comfort of your home. Red Light increases production of collagen and fibroblasts as well as circulation and formation of new capillaries, bringing an immediate healthy glow to skin. This helps stimulate tissue healing and repair skin. Green Light improves pigmentation issues from causes such as sun damage, revealing a brighter, more even complexion. Blue Light kills acne-causing bacteria which can cause inflammation. It stimulates blood flow, astringing and tightening loose skin.

A whole new way to mask
UFO effortlessly glides across every inch of your face, activating essential ingredients in the brand's exclusive Korean mask formulas. The UFO-activated smart masks are made from soft micro-fibre, infused with plant and fruit extracts, concentrated botanical oils and natural flower water. Each mask is paired with a pre-programmed app-controlled treatment routine to boost their effects and ensure flawless skin.

Key features:

  • 90-second face treatment works in combination with the specially invented UFO-activated masks
  • UFO utilizes hyper-infusion technology, combining heating to open pores, T-Sonic pulsations to instantly infuse active ingredients more deeply into the skin and cryotherapy to seal the active ingredients and firm the skin
  • Flash Thermotherapy instantly warms to soften the skin and open the pores, infusing mask ingredients into the deepest layers of skin
  • Flash Cryo-Therapy instantly cools to lift and firm skin, while diminishing the appearance of pores and reducing inflammation
  • Each treatment incorporates a carefully chosen combination of temperature and pulsation intensity for maximum effect and soothing facial massage
  • UFO includes a range of LED light therapy treatments to offer three photofacials, including anti-aging (red LED), brightening (green LED) and anti-acne (blue LED)
  • Red LED light erases signs of aging & stimulates collagen production for younger looking skin
  • Green LED light Brightens a dull complexion and evens skin tone for an instant boost of radiance
  • Blue LED kills acne-causing bacteria & stimulates blood circulation for a healthier-looking complexion
  • UFO is to be paired with the FOREO app to get the most out of the device and control T-Sonic pulsations intensity, light intensity and heating/cooling
  • Made of medical grade silicone
  • USB-rechargeable & 100% waterproof

Accessories included: USB Charger, Quick Start Guide, Basic Manual, Magnetic Scratch Card, Acrylic Stand and Make My Day mask (1 sachet).

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