Franke Omni 4-in-1 Instant Boiling Hot & Filtered Water Kitchen Mixer Tap

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Franke Omni 4-in-1 Instant Boiling Hot & Filtered Water Kitchen Mixer Tap

Franke Omni 4-in-1 Instant Boiling Hot & Filtered Water Kitchen Mixer Tap, Stainless Steel

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Colour: Stainless Steel

Product description

Product code: 80740202

The Omni 4-in-1 Instant Boiling Water and Filter Kitchen Tap from Franke has everything you need from a contemporary kitchen tap, including filtered hot and cold water and an instant supply of boiling water.

Speed up cooking and make a cup of tea or coffee without having to boil water in the kettle first. Just use the boiling water tap to access water reaching the full 100°C. The compact yet generous 4.2L boiling water tank fits under your sink and refills in just ten minutes after you've emptied it. It's hygienic and ideal for quickly sterilising a baby's bottles, saving time and reducing energy costs. The tap also has a child-safety and a cool-touch spout.

The filtered water function reduces the need for bottled water and the filter is easy to change. It delivers pure, better-tasting water direct from the tap. It lowers water hardness and removes impurities while retaining valuable minerals.

This design has an elegant swan-neck spout and levers coupled with premium, solid stainless steel. It's space, energy and time saving, performing all the functions required of a modern kitchen tap. The tap comes in a choice of metallic colours to suit both traditional and modern kitchens.

Key features:

  • Handle Width: 170mm (width: 178mm with lever down)
  • Height Overall: 385mm
  • Height to End of Spout: 235mm
  • Spout reach: 215mm
  • Fits a 35mm tap hole
  • Boiler H352 x W182 x D233mm fits a standard kitchen unit
  • Minimum pressure: 1.5 bar, Maximum pressure: 5 bar
  • Hot Flow Rate at 0.3 bar: 2.4 litres/min
  • Filter cartridge need only be replaced every 6-9 months on average
  • Requires electrical and connection and plumbing in
  • 3-year guarantee on tap, tank and filter housing

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Choose the perfect tap for your kitchen

Below are a few options and features to consider when choosing your perfect kitchen tap. Taps are largely about style and preference although they can have several useful features:

Aerators (also called flow constrictors) These are anti-splash, but also mix air with your water, creating a good pressure, at the same time as saving water. If you are simply rinsing plates or cutlery these can give a great saving.
Filter taps These work in the same way as a water filter jug, except they filter as you draw water from the mains, therefore giving you limitless filtered water. They remove bacteria, chlorine and lead from the water supply. They also remove any pesticides and insecticides which may have got into the water system. Filtered water also helps reduce the build up of limescale in appliances. The filter cartridges for these taps need replacing every 6 months or so to retain effectiveness.
Hot taps Use a mini-boiler under the sink to provide you with instant boiling (or hot) water. You no longer need to rely on kettles or saucepans to heat water before you make a cup of tea, or boil your veg - it comes instantly from the tap. Some taps can also provide you with chilled water for cold drinks, and even sparkling water. These are great if you like fizzy drinks, but prefer to avoid additional sugar - simply mix with your favourite cordial.

Product specification
Assembly Required
Assembly Required
Stainless steel
Country of Origin
H385 x W170 x D215mm
Fitting Method
Furniture Range
Number of Holes Needed
Number of Levers
Tap Function Type
Boiling Hot Water, Mixer, Water Filter
Tap Handle Type
Twin Lever
Water Pressure
1.5 bar