John Lewis Swivel i-Size Isofix Car Seat, Black

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John Lewis Swivel i-Size Isofix Car Seat, Black

John LewisSwivel i-Size Isofix Car Seat, Black

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Product description

Product code: 31554705

  • Birth up to 105cm or approx 4 years
  • Rearward facing birth to 105cm, and 85cm to 105cm forward facing
  • Isofix compatible
  • 2 year guarantee

Our swivel car seat is expertly fitted with light and sound indicators to confirm correct installation so that both you and your child are ready for adventure with a peace of mind. The travel system is i-Size compatible and offers a full 360 degree rotation. The design has an extended rearward facing travel position to 4 years for added head and neck protection.

    Key features

  • Suitable from birth to 105cm (approx. 4 years)
  • Extended rearward facing travel to 4 years
  • Suitable rearward facing birth to 105cm, and 85cm to 105cm forward facing
  • Isofix installation only
  • Light and sound indicators confirm correct installation
  • 360 degree rotation to make it easy fitting the child in the seat
  • Multiple recline positions; 1 rearward and 5 forward
  • Soft and plush cushioning, with side impact protection
  • Removable newborn insert
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Easy headrest and harness adjustment
  • Removable covers, hand wash at 30 degrees only
  • Smart aesthetics with the quilting and branding details

This i-Size car seat is approved to Regulation No.129, for use in, "i-Size compatible" vehicle seating positions as indicated by vehicle manufacturers in the vehicle users' manual. If in doubt, consult either the child restraint manufacturer or the retailer. You can only start using the forward-facing position when your child is 15 months old. Please consult the instructions manual for more details.

Do not use this child restraint in seating positions where an active frontal airbag is installed.


  • Under no circumstances should a rearward-facing car seat be used on a passenger seat where there is an active airbag.
  • Correct fitting of all car seats and boosters is of paramount importance in making them the most effective in the event of an accident. Not all car seats fit all cars and it is important to check for fitting suitability on all cars you intend to fit the seat to, as well as re-checking if you change your car.
  • Always read the instruction booklet which comes with your car seat to achieve a safe and correct fitting, retaining the guide for future reference. We recommend fitting your car seat in advance of first using it.
  • We recommend that babies shouldn't be left in car seats (infant carriers) for prolonged periods.


  • Please make sure that you check the car seat you choose is suitable for your car before ordering. This can be done in store with a Partner or on the car seat manufacturer's website.
  • Some of our shops offer a car seat fit test, where a Nursery advisor will test the display model in your car to check that it will fit properly. Please contact your local shop to see if this service is available. Alternatively, please contact the car seat manufacturer who will be able to advise whether their model will be suitable for your car.
  • We also offer in-store and virtual appointments so you can access our All Things Baby services at a time and place to suit you. Click here to book your appointment.
  • Find your nearest department store.

Car seats adhere to strict safety protocols and conform to one of the following two types of seats:

  • Height-based seats are known as ‘i-Size’ seats - These seats adhere to the safety regulation R129. They must be rear-facing until your child is over 15 months old. Your child can use a forward-facing child car seat when they’re over 15 months old. You must check the seat to make sure it’s suitable for the height of your child.
  • Weight-based seats - These seats adhere to the safety regulation ECE R44. The seat your child can use (and the way they must be restrained in it) depends on their weight.

The below table is a rough guide as to how the car seats can relate to a child’s age based on the average child's weight or height depending on the regulation chosen.

Car Seat Age Guide:

Group Child's weight* Approx. age of child Child's height†
0+ Birth up to 13kg/29lb Birth up to 12-15 months 40 - 85cm
0+ & 1 Birth up to 18kg/40lb Birth to up to about 4 years 40 - 105cm
0+, 1, 2 & 3 Birth-36kg/79lb Birth to 12 years 40 - 150cm
1 9-18kg/20-40lb About 9 months to 4 years 85 - 105cm
1, 2 & 3 9-36kg/20-79lb About 9 months to 12 years 85 - 150cm
2 & 3 15-36kg/33-79lb About 4-12 years 105 - 150cm

*Applies to R44.04 seats. † Applies to iSize seats.

Note: This is a rough guide only - please always refer to the individual car seat’s guidance for more specific details. Some car seats will be approved in two or more groups or across various height bands. This just means that these seats have the ability to adapt as your child grows, meaning they can use them for longer.

Product specification
John Lewis
Care instructions
Hand wash removable covers at 30 degrees only
Country of Origin
H57 x W45 x D69cm
Facing Position
Forward Facing, Rear Facing, Swivel
Height Band
Isofix compatible
R129 Regulation
R129 Compliant
Reclining positions
Unpackaged Weight Car Seat Only