Cleaning & Washing Up

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Explore our range of recycling bins and cleaning products that are tough on stains and kind to the planet 

Cleaning equipment is essential for every home in keeping dirt at bay and helping to provide a healthy living environment, our collection of washing up and cleaning products has everything you need to tackle grime. Mops and buckets may be a household staple, but e-cloths, scrub brushes and deep clean brushes also work well alongside the traditional mop to ensure gleaming floors across your home. We also have a range of cleaning sprays that are specifically for things like showers, kitchens and floors to provide the best possible cleaning results. Washing up products include classic sink caddies, washing up bowls and dish brushes - with brands such as Brabantia offering a comprehensive range of these items. You can also find cleaning equipment such as brooms and dustpans, cloths and dusters and vacuum cleaners amongst our collection.