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Bosch PIE651BB1E Induction Hob, Black

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H51 x W59 x D52.2

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What’s an induction hob?

Induction hobs heat the pan not the hob using an electrical current. Induction hobs can heat a pan faster than a traditional gas or electric hob, and are more energy efficient. They’re also easier to clean, as you can wipe the hob shortly after using it. Remember, not all ceramic hobs are induction hobs.

An induction hob can only be used with induction compatible pans. You can use induction kettles (which are faster to boil than normal kettles) with induction hobs. The fine degree of control over the power of the hob is also good for tasks like melting chocolate or making a sauce.

In Bosch's elegant U-Bevel design that features a bevelled front and sides, the PIE651BB1E Induction Hob is sure to look the part in any kitchen, while offering everything you'll need to master the art of cooking.

Induction technology
Induction cooking gives almost instant heat that's generated directly in your cookware, allowing you to precisely control the temperature at which you cook.

Another advanced feature of the PIE651BB1E is the powerBoost function that increases power to speed up the cooking process. For example, this hob can now boil 2 litres of water almost three times as fast as a conventional ceramic hob.

Bosch's updated control panel offers complete control of all cooking zones at your fingertips - simply select the power level you require and let the PIE651BB1E take care of the rest.

Additional features:

  • Timer with automatic switch-off
  • Automatic pan recognition
  • Variable 17-stage power settings for each zone
  • QuickStart function
  • ReStart function

Please note: there should be a minimum height clearance of 65cm between an electric hob and the cooker hood above it.

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